Switches & Relays have been an integral part of the modern world, especially the world of electronics. Switches are a necessary part of any electronic control system. A switch makes or breaks an electrical circuit by its ON and OFF operations respectively. The domestic light, temperature sensing thermostat, inverter controls, automatic medical monitors, industrial pneumatic control systems- are few applications of the switch. Switches are also widely used to design small circuits for science projects; hobbyists may use them to design little alarm systems and touch-controlled bells. If you have access to a development board, you can use switches to create anything starting from a warning LED blinker to relay modules to cellphone operated fan and light switches. You can operate the switch using bluetooth or wifi even!

Relay is a type of electrical switch which we use when it is necessary to control a high power/ high voltage circuit with a low power circuit. An excellent example is the microprocessor, whose signal is too weak to drive heavy electrical loads, wherein we use relays. Nowadays any switching operation is inadvertently followed by relays to make the most out of it. Relays are used in automobile ignition systems, traffic light controls, telegraph lines, interlocking in railway signalling, for fault detection in electrical lines and so on. If you are interested in DIY applications, the relay has innumerable! A simple and well known project using Arduino is displaying “Hello World”. You can easily move on to making smart switches and Home Automation( using Raspberry Pi) and 3D controlled bots!
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