Due to emergence of Automation demand for Sensors and Transducers have increased drastically. Sensor are used throughout the industry verticals including agriculture, power sector, healthcare, automotive , telecommunications , instrumentation and more.

Sensor is basically a device which detects change in physical parameters and converts it into a signal.The transducer is a device which converts energy in primary form into corresponding energy signal in the different form. The primary forms of energy include mechanical, electromagnetic, thermal, chemical, optical and more.

As we know world is moving towards having automation in all the industries including our home. Due to boom in the wireless standard compliant devices based on WiFi and Bluetooth home automation has become reality. Home automation relies heavily on sensor of various kinds. Sensors like weighing sensor, humidity sensor, water temperature sensor, heart rate sensor , ECG sensor .Customers can buy all this product in our website.

Ref: RF Wireless World

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