Drones and Multi-rotors (Quadcopters, UAVs) have been serving society since ages through numerous applications such as military surveillance, infrastructure monitoring, inspection of power-lines, towers and chimneys; oil, gas and mineral exploration, commercial photography and delivery and cleaning operations too risky to handle physically. Not only do they save time and effort-they are very swift, alert and stable, and flying them is just a matter of practice. So recreational flying has sparked a lot of interest in today’s hobbyists. Quadcopters, which are small unmanned drones lifted and propelled by four vertical propellers, are becoming increasingly popular. Catering to common needs, we have put together our enviable collection of drone parts and major components of DIY flying kits. An UAV kit typically comes with a ground based controller along with the drone itself, and several components to establish communication between the two.

To assemble a basic drone body, you will need a strong and light supporting frame, the main flight controller, fast spinning motors, electronic speed controllers to control their spin, and propellers(normal and pusher). You should choose a LiPo battery depending on flight time. Get a Radio transmitter-receiver next as the ground based controller and a remote for instructing your drone. Have a look at Robot Jam India’s widest range of drone parts such as battery chargers, connectors,voltage testers and power distribution boards are equally indispensable. For assembling stuff, this tutorial might come in handy. If you just want something to fly around, we have the ready to fly kits as well. So aren’t you excited to fly your own little drone, see it soaring high and whiz past terrains?

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